Celebrity Couples That Still Make Us Swoon

When we talk about traditional celebrity relationships, it’s a rare thing to find pairs who remain together for a long time. As you may have probably heard, Hollywood relationships come and go, and sometimes we can’t keep track of who’s dating who. Their breakups are mostly attributed to busy schedules, pressures of fame, and many other reasons that we’re not aware of. Whatever the case may be, being in a relationship when you’re a celebrity is difficult.

While some couples’ electricity sparks for many years, sadly, others’ don’t last. Still, there are quite a few famous romances that survived the test of time and fame. From Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith to Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson Jackson, the following famous couples were able to forge a path through the entertainment scene during their marriage, and they continue to make us swoon with their love stories. Know how your favorite Hollywood pairings met in the first place, when they tied the knot, raised a family, and how they made their love last:

 Jimmy Buffett & Jane Slagsvol

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett met Jane Slagsvol at Key West during the 1976 spring break. At the time, she was a student in South Carolina, while the Margaritaville singer was already a hitmaker. The twosome she attracted to each other the very moment they met, and as we all know, this attraction blossomed into a marriage by the following year.

Slagsvol is the second wife of the singer, who is best known for his Caribbean-inspired tunes about escaping to the Islands. Buffett credits his wife as the inspiration behind his song Come Monday. Throughout 44 years of a loving marriage, the two raised three kids: Cameron Marley, Savannah Jane, and Sarah Delaney. Nowadays, Buffett balances traveling on concert tours with bonding with his family. To rack up more time with his kids, he brings them on tour with him whenever possible.

Jon Stewart & Tracey McShane

Jon Stewart is a comedian and commentator who skyrocketed to fame for his gig on The Daily Show. He anchored the show from 1999 to 2015. While he has kept a low profile in the entertainment scene nowadays, his family life has seldom been featured in the limelight. He is married to Tracey McShane since 2000, and the two met while Stewart was working on the movie Wishful Thinking in 1997.

At the time, a production assistant on that movie set them up on a blind date. From there, their relationship went serious. Stewart later popped the question to McShane through a crossword puzzle. While she is a private person, she reportedly has a degree in veterinary science and is currently an animal rights advocate. She and Stewart have two kids, a daughter named Maggie and a son named Nate.

Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden

When it comes to Cameron Diaz’s relationships, it’s certainly a journey that the paparazzi have followed. Before marrying the Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden in January 2015, the actress was a magnet for fellow A-listers because of her charm, wit, and of course, beauty. While she has dated celebrities including Alex Rodriguez and Justin Timberlake, Diaz admitted in an interview that she never thought she’d tie the knot until she began dating her Madden in May 2014.

In December 2014, news broke that the Charlie’s Angels star and the rocker were engaged after dating for seven months. By the following month, they exchanged their “I do’s” at the actress’ investment property in Beverly Hills. Celebrity guests included Gwyneth Paltrow, Madden’s twin, and Samantha Ronson. Five years into their union, the happy couple revealed on social media that they became parents of a baby girl.

Kate Moss & Count Nikolai von Bismarck

English model and entrepreneur Kate Moss has been making headlines ever since she was only 14 after being recruited as a model. She gets credit for popularizing a chic fashion trend in the mid-1990s. She married Jamie Hince in 2011, but they called it quits five years later. A year after, Moss started dating Count Nikolai von Bismarck. They made their relationship public at the launch of her business with Equipment.

Von Bismarck may not be as famous as his supermodel girlfriend. Still, he’s a talented photographer who began his passion since he was only 13 years old. Growing up, he learned photography at Parsons in Paris and has completed projects in Mozambique, Myanmar, Cuba, and some other countries. He now specializes in reportage and portraiture. While the two are not married, they seem strong together throughout their six-year relationship.

Bruce Willis & Emma Heming Willis

While Die Hard actor Bruce Willis is one of the world’s most famous actors, not much is known about his wife of 12 years, Emma Heming Willis. She is a fashion model who’s 23 years the actor’s junior. Bruce admitted he fell in love with his future wife after their first date. The two wed in 2009 in Turks and Caicos and have welcomed two kids together: their daughter Mabel arrived in 2012, and Evelyn was born two years later.

The celebrity couple recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, and Emma posted a heartwarming letter on social media about the degree of love she has for her husband. She wrote about how they have had their fair share of “disheartening downs” and “floating-on-air ups,” and there’s no one she would want to go through marriage than with Bruce. Well, aren’t they a sweet couple.

Julia Roberts & Danny Moder

Both Julia Roberts and Danny Moder were not single when they met. The Pretty Woman star was dating actor Benjamin Bratt at the time, while he was formerly married to a makeup artist. The now-married pair met on the 2001 movie The Mexican, where Moder was working as a cameraman. Despite a rocky start, the two have been going strong since they started dating. They got hitched in 2002, after only a short courtship.

Now, at 19 years of marriage, they have one of the strongest and longest relationships in Hollywood. They have added three children to their happy family as well. Twins Hazel and Phinnaeus were born in 2004, and Henry came along in 2006. Despite her star status, Roberts prefers to keep her kids away from the limelight. She also credits her husband for having the same parenting philosophy as hers.

Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid

Friends alum Courteney Cox and Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid have been together for seven years. The couple has lived separately and got engaged and then broke off their engagement throughout their relationship. How did they meet, you ask? Credits to crooner Ed Sheeran for being their matchmaker, the Give Me Love singer introduced the two in 2013.

Around September of that year, the two had their first date. They then made things official in January 2014 through their appearance at public events together. They announced their engagement on Twitter, although they called it off in 2015, and it shocked the world. Still, they rekindled their romance in early 2016 and have had a long-distance relationship ever since. Despite not being engaged again, the two appear to be going strong and enjoying their relationship. Just recently, Cox left LA to spend some time with McDaid in Ireland.

Heidi Klum & Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum was 45 when she met 29-year-old musician Tom Kaulitz. The two started dating in 2018, and by the next year had their wedding ceremony. While people thought they were only getting engaged, it was revealed that they secretly married in the civil service shortly after Kaulitz popped the question. In August 2019, they held their second nuptials with a destination ceremony in Capri, Italy. They were joined by a few of close friends and family.
Today, the celebrity couple seems to be having a huge degree of fun and excitement in their marriage. Just recently, they were spotted all loved-up in their Berlin houseboat, looking smitten as ever. Throughout their relationship, the model has made perfectly clear that public opinions on their age gap don’t matter to her or her husband since they’re happy to be together against all odds.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez has always been by the side of famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for nearly five years. The couple now has a daughter together while also raising the athlete’s other three children. When they met, Rodriguez said it was “love at first sight.” The two came across each other at a Gucci store where she worked as a salesperson. Days later, they met each other again at a fashion event.

News of their romance started to emerge in November 2016 when they were spotted walking around Disneyland Paris and publicly showing their affection. The following year, Rodriguez gave birth to a baby daughter, with Ronaldo posting a picture on his Instagram account. In May 2020, rumors spread that they are again expecting, but they did not confirm or deny the news. Today, the football pro continues to make investments in the world of sports.

Sandra Bullock & Bryan Randall

It’s no wonder that the bright smile across Sandra Bullock’s face is credited to her boyfriend of five years, Bryan Randall. Though the duo has been dating for several years now, the actress and the photographer have kept their romance out of the spotlight. Their whirlwind romance first emerged in January 2015 when a mutual friend recommended Randall as the photographer of the Miss Congeniality actress’ son Louis at his birthday party.

It wasn’t long until their friendship blossomed into a full-on romance. The lovebirds nowadays enjoy having lazy days inside their home with Bullock’s kids Louis and Laila and going out for date nights. An insider shared that the kids are healthy and happy, and this is all the Hollywood star has ever wanted for her life. Things have been great so far between the two that marriage is a possibility.

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth

For the last ten years, Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon have been part of one of Tinseltown’s cutest and most stable marriages. Their romance was a whirlwind in the beginning as they got engaged less than a year after meeting. Since then, they have appeared nothing but happy. Toth, who is a talent agent in the entertainment scene representing stars like Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson, is the flooring actress’ second husband.

She was previously married to fellow actor Ryan Phillippe, with whom she welcomed two kids. Mr. and Mrs. Toth first met at a party in 2010 and immediately hit it off. As we’ve mentioned, they got engaged less than a year later and walked down the aisle in Ojai, California, in 2011. By the following year, they had their first child. Recently, the lovely couple celebrated their 10-year anniversary.

Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber

Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford have one of Hollywood’s most solid marriages. They have been together for over two decades now and are still looking handsome. It’s safe to say that they’re certainly in it for the long haul! The nightlife industry entrepreneur met the supermodel back when she was still wed to actor Richard Gere. Before they became lovers, they were friends. Crawford shared that this underlying friendship is what has kept their marriage so strong.

They exchanged wedding vows in a low-key ceremony in the Bahamas in 1998. It was low-key to the degree that Crawford’s stylist didn’t know that she was actually getting married. The model gave birth to two kids: Presley Walker and Kaia Jordan, both of whom are now working as models. Crawford and Gerber once revealed that having a date night is what ensures them a happy and healthy relationship.

Billy Dee Williams & Teruko Nakagami

Billy Dee Williams is well recognized for the iconic role he played in the Star Wars film franchise as Lando Calrissian. He was wed three times and had three kids. He has been married to his current wife, Teruko Nakagami, since 1972. Before they met each other, she was married to jazz legend Wayne Shorter. The next year after they tied the knot, Williams and Nakagami welcomed their daughter, Hanako.

As with all relationships, the couple also had their fair share of troubles. They hired lawyers to file for their separation in 1993. At the time, Williams’ spokesman said that “theirs is an amicable parting.” However, they somehow managed to reconcile and rekindle their romance in 1997 and began living together again. Their daughter Hanako now works as an art gallery manager in Los Angeles. She is currently married to Liam Toohey and has one child.

Bill Cosby & Camille Hanks

Back in the 1980s, actor Bill Cosby was a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. He is acclaimed for creating the hit sitcom The Cosby Show, a show he also starred in. During this point in his acting career, he was also crowned the highest-paid TV actor, earning a staggering salary of $1 million per episode. However, the comedian sadly experienced personal problems in the 2010s, but luckily, his devoted wife of 57 years, Camille Hanks, stood by him despite all odds.

Now celebrating more almost 60 years of being together, the duo has proved that issues relating to the Hollywood industry are nothing compared to the love they have for each other and their kids. The mother of five still stands by her husband’s side to this day. She loves the actor to a huge degree, a man whom she calls “a wonderful father” and “a kind man.”

Chuck Norris & Gena O’Kelley

Together with her beloved husband Chuck Norris, Gena O’Kelley has lived a life of faith, strength, and partnership. She continues to do so, and she is the epitome of the 21st-century woman with it all.Norris and O’Kelley met while he was on a date with someone else in a Dallas restaurant. He took note of his future wife, who was still relatively young at the time, and encouraged her to come to visit him.

O’Kelley was previously wedded and had two children when she met the actor. Norris, too, had previously been married to Dianne Holecheck. The two became friends and lovers, and even their 23-year age difference couldn’t keep them from marrying in November of 1998. Despite the several hardships they faced along the way, the couple has maintained a happy marriage since then. They have had successful investments and made the most of their talents, skills, and abilities.

 Snoop Dogg & Shante Broadus

Fans of Snoop Dogg may be surprised to learn that he is quite the romantic when it comes to his wife, Shante Broadus. He now owns massive investments, but the two met in high school for reasons other than money. Like most marriages, it’s been a roller coaster ride, but with three children and grandchildren, his family appears to be doing well.When Snoop met Shante in high school, he was still Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. She was a typical high school student with many interests outside of music, while he was already a practicing rapper.

Despite this, the two began dating and married in 1997 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey, California. The couple started to drift apart due to the rigors of fame and constant touring, and Snoop Dogg filed for separation in 2004 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. However, he changed his mind and decided not to push through the split. In a profession that doesn’t appear to favor long-term relationships, Snoop Dogg and Shante tied the knot not once but twice.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone

For decades, Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of Hollywood’s most desirable bachelors. With a floppy-haired part in Titanic, he cemented his degree of fame in Hollywood as a heartthrob. Since then, DiCaprio has shown that he has aged admirably. Although he is already in his 40s, the actor has never married. However, it appears that DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have turned a fresh leaf in their relationship.

The model is the actor’s “old family buddy” because of his strong bond with Al Pacino, who used to date Morrone’s mother. She and DiCaprio didn’t start dating until considerably later in their relationship, and it wasn’t until December 2017 that they started seeing each other. They are a lovely pair who have proven that their age difference doesn’t matter to them after years together. Their friends appear to be confident that the couple’s romance will last.

Pat Sajak & Lesly Brown

Pat Sajak is most known for his long tenure as the host of the game show Wheel of Fortune. However, he’s first and foremost a devoted father and a caring husband to his family. In his case, the second time around proved to be the charm. He married his first wife in 1978, but they split seven years later owing to personal disagreements. Fortunately, Sajak found a new love and a true soulmate.

At the end of the 1980s, the host met Lesly Brown. Surprisingly, it was not love at first sight, and according to Sajak, “there was no electricity in the air.” Despite this, the two maintained contact after their first meeting. It formed a long-distance connection which grew into a strong bond over time. The couple married in 1989 in Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Annapolis, Maryland. Since then, they have established themselves as one of the most solid couples in the industry.

Wesley Snipes & Nakyung Park

Nakyung Park is a South Korean painter best known for being the wife of iconic Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes. Her husband has starred in several films, including New Jack City, White Men Can’t Jump, and Passenger 57. The pair have been married for more than two decades and share two kids. Aside from being a professional painter and artist, Park ventured into business investments like Permanent Makeup Vancouver by Nikki Park.

This company specializes in skin, lashes, tattoo removal, and other services. Although it is private how the two met, they first met in the late 1990s. Snipes and Park dated for more than a decade and exchanged marital vows on March 17, 2003. Their brief civil ceremony took place at the courthouse in Hackensack, with only one of their friends there at their secret wedding. Park has been a supporting woman and was always there for him during his lows.

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg made a widespread degree of impact with Facebook almost immediately after launching it from his dorm room. He is now one of the industry’s brightest minds and one of the industry’s youngest self-made billionaires. However, the man behind all of the celebrity and splendor is no different when it comes to love. He, too, has a romantic love story to tell.In 2003, Zuckerberg met Priscilla Chan, a Boston sophomore, at a party organized by his fraternity.

Surprisingly, they met in an unusual place: the washroom queue. These two Harvard students began dating shortly after. After some time, Zuckerberg made another vital life decision: he dropped out to run Facebook. Chan was always there for him, despite the distance and his innate workaholic mentality. They fell in love when Zuckerberg was just a college student, and they’re still together now that he’s a multi-billionaire.

Shakira & Gerald Piqué

Do you have skepticism about the entire “is genuine love even real” thing? Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s love story will undoubtedly revive your faith in love. Both are among the most well-known couples on the planet, and their relationship has received a lot of media attention since they met.They met in 2010 while Shakira was filming the music video for Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), which featured the athlete briefly.

He immediately drew the singer’s attention, but she already had a partner with whom she had been together for almost a decade. Shakira ended up splitting up with her boyfriend and falling head over heels for Piqué, to the point where she said it restored her faith in God. The couple is now the proud parents of two children. Given their fame and investments, they are both content in every aspect of their family life.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

We all enjoy celebrity romances, but the reuniting of former flames is more intriguing to some degree. That’s why fans were ecstatic when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck made their restored relationship Instagram public in July 2021, confirming months of rumors that they’d restarted their epic love story. The singer’s breakup from Alex Rodriguez in April sparked the talks, and it appears the actor wasted little time in getting her back.

If you’re unfamiliar with the entire narrative, we’ll take you back to 2001, when the two met for the first time during Gigli. The film, sadly, underperformed at the box office, but the chemistry between the two was apparent. Their high-profile relationship drew a lot of media attention, prompting the establishment of the celebrity couple name Bennifer. The pair officially ended by January 2004, much to everyone’s dismay. In 2021, it appears that they both became single at the same time.

Jay & Mavis Leno

For the past two decades, Jay Leno has been a part of late-night talk shows. He drew in millions of people with his observational comedy and prominent chin till he stepped down from hosting duties in 2010. Leno may have a magical knack for keeping his audience in awe of him and gaining millions of followers to himself. Still, he never forgets the most important part of his work and his most ardent supporter: his long-time wife Mavis Leno.

The pair met in 1976 while Jay was performing at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Their attraction became stronger after their first meeting, and a deep bond drew them closer together. In 1980, Jay and Mavis married in an unfashionable manner. She later acknowledged in an interview that their purpose for marrying was not romantic; instead, they wanted to ensure Jay’s insurance if something happened to him. The couple has spent four decades together and have seen the best of themselves, and nothing, not even children, has come between them.

Ron & Cheryl Howard

Ron Howard vowed his devotion to his wife Cheryl for nearly 50 years. Once the high school sweethearts met, they stayed together devotedly and faithfully for the rest of their lives. That kind of long-term love is uncommon, particularly among Hollywood couples. What’s odder is that when Cheryl met him, she didn’t seem impressed or starstruck by his acting investments as a child actor on The Andy Griffith Show. In fact, she had never seen the legendary TV comedy series before.

Ron and his bride met in Burbank, California’s John Burroughs High School. He wedded his high school beloved in 1975, and the couple has maintained their incredible love ever since. Ron feels himself a fortunate man for many reasons while reflecting on their unshakable romance. He doesn’t take for granted the life he’s built with Cheryl because they met and fell in love at such a young age.

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting romances. The two have demonstrated that they have what it takes to succeed in a profession that frequently wrecks couples before they even get started, despite numerous ups and downs. It all began in 2007. Union and Wade were both hired to throw a Super Bowl party at the same time. When they first met that night, neither of them appeared to be thinking romantically. Wade was married at the time, and their personalities didn’t get a chance to meld during that initial meeting.

However, things seem to have changed when Union attended the athlete’s charity event in Miami in 2010 and sparked romance speculations. Gossips circulated that the two were dating, but they remained silent about their relationship until 2012 when they appeared on the cover of Essence magazine. They then married in a beautiful ceremony in Miami in August 2014 and built their investments together.

Sam Elliott & Katharine Ross

Despite its apparent elegance and luxury, the movie industry can destroy even the most stable romantic relationships. So, it’s great to see a showbiz marriage that has stood the test of time for these and other reasons. Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross have a love story worth celebrating in Hollywood. Their paths could have crossed during Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but they didn’t.

The Legacy brought the actors together again, sparking one of Hollywood’s most enduring love stories. Neither star garnered an Oscar nomination for the 100-minute horror, but the two were madly in love before filming ended. Elliott has discovered someone with whom he shares a similar sensibility in Ross. He married her a few weeks before their only child, Cleo, was born. The dedicated partners now split their time between their investment homes in Los Angeles and Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso aren’t your standard Hollywood pair. They have managed to maintain a remarkably “normal” lifestyle but are still unquestionably Hollywood’s best couple. Not only is their journey like something out of a rom-com, but their love and support for one another is admirable.The love story between the Bourne Identity actor and his wife began in the last place you would expect to meet your soulmate: a Miami club.
It was a strange yet momentous encounter. He admitted that the only reason he went out was that several of his crew members dragged him there for a beer. Fortunately, they ended up at the same tavern where Barroso worked as a bartender. She and Damon began spending time together after that, and it didn’t take long for them to fall in love. They moved their relationship to a greater degree after dating for two years.

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher

While most people are familiar with Eddie Murphy due to his comedic investments, some may be unaware that he has had some unusual love relationships. He has been married twice and has 10 children, and he’s about to marry again. Who will he marry, though?Murphy and Paige Butcher are a low-key couple who don’t feel the need to keep their romantic relationship in the spotlight all of the time. The couple didn’t meet through mutual friends or at an event in the traditional sense.

Instead, they have a charming backstory. Butcher secured a role in Big Momma’s House 2 and ran across Murphy on the set when he went to see his buddy, Martin Lawrence, who also acted in the picture. They got engaged in September 2018, and Butcher had no problems about adopting his large family. Although the comedian was 51 when he and Butcher first started dating, it was unquestionably worth the wait.

Samuel L. Jackson & LaTanya Richardson

Pulp Fiction star Samuel L. Jackson and his wife, actress LaTanya Richardson, first met while they were in college in Morehouse College. The two have been together for four decades now and are still going strong. They have one child between them, Zoe, who has also entered the entertainment industry as a TV producer. Theirs is one of the longest relationships in Hollywood which, to their credit, they both worked hard on.

For Jackson, it was his wife who helped him become one of the best actors in the industry. It’s because she kept on pushing him in his craft. Richardson is successful in her own right too since she has appeared in various movies and TV shows. She is currently co-producing the documentary Enslaved with her husband, which is timely given that the Black Lives Matter movement has become much talked about these days.

Robin Williams & Susan Schneider

Robin Williams will forever be regarded as one of the most successful comedians of our time. However, did you know that before he went on to become a multi-awarded actor in Hollywood, he was earning his keep by being a mime? It was here that he honed his craft of impersonating people, which he brought to Hollywood. His investments in his craft have certainly helped him become a star in his four decades in the entertainment industry.

The actor was married three times, with the last being Susan Schneider. She was the head of the graphics design company, Critical Eye Design. The two tied the knot in 2011, but their marriage was cut short because of Williams’ passing. The sudden demise of the actor shocked the world, including his wife. The world has lost one of the best comedians of our times.

Kirk Douglas & Anne Buydens

Spartacus actor Kirk Douglas has lived a long life. Aside from his successful career as an actor, he was also known for having one of the longest marriages in Hollywood. However, did you know that their first meet-up wasn’t all that sweet? Though Douglas was already famous at the time, he was surprised when Buydens turned him down. She later became his publicist but did not start their relationship after he became more down to earth.

The actor continued to surprise his girlfriend by doing unexpected things that helped win her over. The coupled tied the knot in 1954. They were blessed with two children. There were plenty of ups and downs in their relationship but, to their credit, they were able to overcome them all by supporting one another. Both enjoyed long and fruitful lives together until their passing.

 Sidney Poitier & Joanna Shimkus

Sidney Poitier is one of Hollywood’s icons who enjoyed his peak career back in the 1960s. He won an Academy Award for his role in Lilies of the Field, but his rise to stardom took a toll on his first marriage to Juanita Hardy. A decade later, and the actor got married once again to Canadian actress and model Joanna Shimkus. They had two daughters between them, with one following in her father’s footsteps. The couple first crossed paths in All About Loving, which they both starred in.

Though the actress had a chance to make it big in Hollywood, she preferred to step away from the limelight and leave it for her husband. When asked why she made the choice, she stated that it wasn’t her passion. Though her acting career was short-lived, her relationship with her husband continued to this day. The couple used their investment money to raise their children well.

 Anthony Anderson & Alvina Stewart

Anthony Anderson became a household name when he starred in the sitcom All About the Andersons. He had other shows to his name like Hang Time and The Bernie Mac Show. He also landed guest roles in House, NYPD Blue, and Malcolm & Eddie. His current work is in Black-ish, which is one of the biggest shows in ABC’s roster. Needless to say, he has also put in work as the executive producer which helped add to his growing investment money.

His success in his career has also mirrored his real-life success. The actor married his high school sweetheart, Alvina Stewart, and they are still together today. They did hit a roadblock back then when his wife separated from him, but it seems that they rekindled their romance after. There is no doubt that the two are very much in love, though they are keeping things private as much as possible.

 Lee Majors & Faith Cross

Lee Majors was quite the athlete back in the days that it helped him secure an entry in Indiana University. However, a back injury has sidelined his athletic career. He focused instead on getting a degree in Physical Education and History. Majors took up acting classes later on which helped him land a role in The Big Valley. He later got the role for The Six Million Dollar Man, which he is best known for in his career.

With regards to his personal life, Majors was married four times, with Faith Cross being the fourth one. She is also younger than him by 35 years. The two were married in 2002 and were the talk of the town wherever they go. Their recent appearance was at a gala in Beverly Hills, where they both looked amazing and very much in love. The two are quite private about their married life. With Majors’ success in the entertainment industry, it is not surprising that they are living quite the comfortable life.

 David Beckham & Victoria Beckham

Considered as royalties of the United Kingdom scene, David and Victoria Beckham have never entertained ideas of splitting, even with tabloids running stories about their imminent separation. The two have actually celebrated their 22 years of marriage recently. The news of their splitting is not entirely new to them since they have been subjected to them quite a number of times. It can’t be helped that they are both enjoying lucrative careers, which is why there is a lot of gossip about the two not having enough time for each other.

Investments aside, the Beckhams know how to keep their marriage intact. The two may be focused in running their businesses, but they always make time for family. Their four children are growing up well, with the eldest currently engaged. With their success in their respective fields, it will not come as a surprise if their children follow their footsteps when they are older.

Nicolas Cage & Riko Shibata

The National Treasure star Nicolas Cage has enjoyed success in the entertainment industry ever since he was cast in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He became one of the most sought-after actors during the 1980s and 1990s after starring in films like Peggy Sue Got Marries, Face/Off, The Rock, and Gone in Sixty Seconds, just to name a few. The actor did have his hits and misses just like in his marriage, but it seems that he has found a new love in Riko Shibata.

Cage and Shibata met in one of the prefectures in Japan, and the romance bloomed between them even though they were long-distance at one point. The actor was able to propose to his girlfriend through online. The two got married on February 16, which was the anniversary of Cage’s father’s passing. With the actor’s investments in his career, he has enough money so he can slow down his work in the meantime to enjoy his time with his new wife.

 Malcolm-Jamal Warner & Mystery Wife

The Cosby Show alum Malcolm-Jamal Warner became a household name because of his portrayal of Theo Huxtable in the sitcom. The former child star was able to navigate the unexpected fame that went his way with flying colors. Today, he is one of the regulars in The Resident, plus he is enjoying his time as a father and as a husband to his wife, who he hasn’t introduced to the public eye.

The actor had his fair share of high-profile relationships with celebrities like Regina King that did not pan out. This is perhaps one of the reasons why he is keeping his married life today on the down low. He is giving his fans some snippets into his personal life in his Instagram posts, but it is not clear who his lady love is. To his credit, he is doing a great job in keeping his family life away from the limelight.

Tina Turner &Erwin Bach

Tina Turner has enjoyed a successful career in the music industry which was marred by her relationship with her marriage to Ike Turner. Though their marriage meant more success with the two of them, the behavior of her husband got out of hand. This led to the music icon to file for separation. Years later, Turner met her future husband, Erwin Bach when he picked her up at the airport under EMI. The connection was instant and soon enough they exchanged “I do’s”.

The couple is still going strong today. Turner has already retired from her music career and is enjoying her time with her husband in Switzerland. The singer had some health scares after her retirement, but her ever-supportive husband took care of her. He even went so far as to donate one of his kidneys to her! With that kind of investments to their marriage, it seems that the two have found love that will last them a lifetime.

 Connie Stevens & Eddie Fisher

Connie Stevens became a well-known actress after her time in Hawaiian Eye playing “Cricket” Blake. Hers was one of the standout performances on the set which is why it is not surprising that she was also acting on stage. On top of that, Fisher found that she had a knack for producing shows and as a screenwriter. She even used her investment money to build her own cosmetic line.

Though Stevens briefly had a relationship with The King himself Elvis Presley, theirs was a short love affair. They did remain close friends, however. The actress’ last marriage was to Eddie Fisher, who was also an actor. However, he was often hounded by controversies. Stevens worked on her husband, but it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, she focused on raising her children on her own, as well as remaining active in various philanthropy work.

 Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian

Tennis star Serena Williams has a sage advice for those who are planning on getting married. She stated that marriage was not bliss unless you work hard for it. It seems that this is her recipe for a lasting marriage with her husband, entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian. The two had a lavish wedding in New Orleans complete with high-profile guests. Using their investment money, their wedding was one for the books.

The couple share a daughter between them whom they dote on. It is still too early to tell if she will be an athlete like her mother. However, one thing is for sure, she wouldn’t have to worry about anything at all growing up because of her successful parents. The couple has been private about their marriage, but it seems that they are quite supportive about their own careers. Ohanian always lends his support to his wife whenever she has a game.

 Halle Berry & Van Hunt

Former Bond girl Halle Berry has experienced falling in love and getting heartbroken several times already. The Monsters Ball star was married a few times, but they did not last that long. Currently, Berry is in a relationship with Van Hunt, which she admitted to by posting a photo of herself wearing a shirt with the singer’s name on it. This has gained plenty of reaction to say the least since the actress has been teasing her followers with photos of her feet side by side with a man’s feet.

Berry has yet to go public with her current relationship status which, to her credit, is the right thing to do since there are already negative comments about her past relationships. Among her previous marriages were to David Justice, Eric Benet, and Olivier Martinez. She was also in a relationship with Gabriel Aubry. Will Van Hunt and Berry last long? Only time will tell if they will get married or not.

 Joy Reid & Jason Reid

Joy Reid sure knows how to balance her personal and work life with ease. Her show, The ReidOut, has been receiving high ratings lately, and so is her marriage with her husband of more than two decades, Jason Reid. Her husband is a film editor and is currently working as one of the senior editors in Discovery Channel. He, together with his wife, have used their investment money to build ImageLab Media Group.

The sweet couple has three children between them, and it appears that one of them is planning on becoming an actor. Even though the two have busy schedules, they still find them with their family. The TV host has been giving glimpses of her personal life on her Instagram account, which shows how sweet she is to her husband and to her children. It goes to show that even if you and your partner are busy, you should always make time for the most important people in your lives.

Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa

It’s probably safe to say that Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa are some of the most beloved celebrities out there. Not only are they incredibly talented individually, but they’re also one of the few couples in Hollywood that managed to stand the test of time.

The couple first met at a jazz bar in 2005. Before that, however, Momoa had already developed a massive crush on the actress, who is 14 years his senior. According to the Aquaman lead star, he first developed a crush on Bonet when he was only 8 years old. It’s truly a one-in-a-million story that’s almost impossible to imagine. Despite the huge age gap between the two, they’ve successfully maintained a happy relationship for 16 years now. Over the years, the two have grown their investments and their families to include their two beautiful children, Nakoa-Wolf and Lola.

Marie Osmond & Steve Craig

They say that love is sweeter the second time around, and there’s no better example of this than Marie Osmond and Steve Craig.The couple first got married 26 years ago, just around the same time Osmond’s career was taking off. One year after their 1982 wedding, she and Craig became parents to their son, Stephen Craig. However, despite the couple’s best efforts to keep their relationship afloat, the pressure of Osmond’s growing popularity proved to be too much.

By 1985, lawyers had finally legalized their separation. The two went on to have different relationships but stayed in contact while co-parenting their son. That same arrangement would later reconnect the two old flames that ultimately led to their 2011 wedding. It’s been a decade since then, but the adorable couple is not showing any signs of letting up just yet.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

Hollywood only has a handful of celebrity couples who beat the marriage curse, and among them are Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.The couple first crossed paths during a test shoot for the 1990s hit sitcom All My Children. After their initial meeting, the two didn’t waste any time and started dating. In 1996, the Queen of the South actor finally got down on one knee and popped the question. The two quickly jetted off to Vegas and held a small wedding.

Fast forward to 25 years, and the two are now parents to three kids: Lola, Michael, and Joaquin. Both Ripa and Consuelos also have thriving careers and investments. While he decided to remain in the acting industry, she has decided to move on to television hosting. Seeing a celebrity couple last this long is certainly a rare feat, and we’re sure both stars have several more years ahead of them.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi

When it comes to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, love definitely wins. They have been the poster couple of a successful LGBTQ pair for years now, but the road leading up to their happy ending was anything but easy.Their love story began 17 years ago in 2004’s VH1’s Big award show. De Rossi back then have not publicly come out as a lesbian and was, in return, inspired by DeGeneres’ courage to reveal her true identity.

According to an interview with Us Weekly, the couple instantly felt a big degree of connection from the moment they met. The talk show host even revealed that of all the people that came into her life, no one truly understood her until De Rossi came along. True enough, both celebrities have stood by each other’s side through the good and bad. This was especially true when DeGeneres faced major backlash in the past year.

Elton John & David Furnish

Elton John has been creating music for almost six decades now, but behind his flamboyant persona lies a more laid-back and loving partner. If you haven’t been in the loop about the English singer’s life, he has been married to David Furnish since 2014. However, they officially became civil partners 9 years earlier in 2005. Before all of that happened, though, John and Furnish had to start from scratch.

The two were complete strangers when they met in 1993. The singer had just got out of a rough patch in his life and was ready to surround himself with new faces. He decided to throw a party, and lo and behold, Furnish was there among the crowd. The two instantly clicked, and the rest was history. Today, the two are busy taking care of their children’s needs, including educational insurance.

Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks is a very lucky man. Not only is he a talented and successful musician, but he also hit the jackpot in the love department when he married Trisha Yearwood in 2005.Although their relationship appears flawless, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the two. First, skeptics were doubtful whether their relationship would work or not, considering not many high-profile marriages work out in Tinseltown. However, the couple was determined to put in the effort and investments to make their family last.

According to Yearwood, it’s all about scheduling. Both musicians have their own thriving careers and taking turns and blocking out an entire week or month for their family has been the key to their lasting union. Well, it seems to be working out just fine because the couple will be celebrating their 15th anniversary in December of this year.

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney has been snatching hearts left and right since emerging into the entertainment scene in 1978. A few lucky ladies managed to ensnare the bachelor’s heart, but no one captivated him quite like Amal Alamuddin, and we can see why.While many think that she hit the jackpot with the Academy Award-winning actor, we can also say the same thing for Clooney. Not only is the British-Lebanese beauty stunning, but she’s also an accomplished lawyer working for the United Nations.

Their love story is also the stuff of romantic movies. The two met at the actor’s Italian villa in the picturesque Lake Como. They exchanged e-mails in the months that followed before embarking on a vacation to Kenya. According to the actor, the trip sealed the deal for him, so he decided to ask for Alamuddin’s hand in marriage. Today, the two are happily married with two wonderful children.

Gordon Ramsay & Tana Ramsay

With his feisty attitude and no holds barred vocabulary, it can be quite challenging to imagine Gordon Ramsay as a loving and caring man. However, he is exactly that to his wife Tana. The couple met back in 1992 when the Michelin star chef was only starting his career in culinary arts. However, Gordon had to wait until Tana broke things off with her then-boyfriend before he could make a move. Once the opportunity presented itself, Gordon grabbed it, and the two married four years later in 1996.

Unfortunately, the first few years of their marriage were rocked with a few challenges. The two struggled to conceive a child and had to spend their investment money on IVF treatments. They finally gave birth to their first daughter, Megan, in 1998, followed by twins Jack and Holly in 1999. The couple then welcomed their next children, Matilda and Oscar, without any medical treatments.

Hugh Jackman & Deborra Lee-Furness

Wolverine star Hugh Jackman may seem like a dashing bachelor, but the Australian actor has actually been a devoted husband to Deborra Lee-Furness for 25 years now.The two first met on the set of the Australian series Correlli back in 1995. The two hit it off rather quickly and got married a little over a year after crossing paths. Jackman and Lee-Furness then spent four years being childless before deciding to adopt their son, Oscar, in 2005.

With the help of their lawyers, the couple adopted their second child, Ava, in 2005. Despite the fame that both actors enjoy, they preferred to keep their family life private and have successfully kept it that way in the 25 years that they have been married. By the looks of it, we believe that Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee-Furness are made for life.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith may have had some rocky moments during their marriage, but there’s no denying the fact that their union is one of the few most enduring relationships in Hollywood.Like many celebrity couples, Will and Jada’s paths crossed at work when the actress tried to nab the leading lady role. The part ended up going to Nia Long, but Will’s heart later went to Jada. A year later, after lawyers finalized the actor’s separation from his previous wife, he immediately went to work and ultimately winning Jada’s attention.

Two years later, the couple exchanged their “I do’s” in an intimate ceremony in Baltimore. Throughout their marriage, the Smiths welcomed two children, Jaden and Willow. Like their parents, Jaden and Willow are also on their way to becoming massive global multi-talented superstars like their parents. The Smiths have clearly succeeded as parents!

Emily Blunt & John Krasinski

From being an unlikely couple to being one of the industry’s most beloved and enduring pairs, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have certainly defeated several Hollywood odds.Their decade-long marriage started in 2008 when the pair met at a Los Angeles restaurant. The two were with each of their friends at that time and just randomly bumped into each other.

According to the actress, Krasinski abandoned his friend to come over to her table, where they spent the whole evening laughing. Then and there, the actress knew that he was the one. The actor also pulled all the stops to impress Blunt and really hit the gas by taking her to a shooting range on their first date. That definitely sealed the deal because the pair is now in their 10th year as husband and wife with two beautiful children.

Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley might not grace the headlines too often, but this gorgeous couple has been privately keeping their partnership together for over a decade now.The lovebirds first met on the set of Transformers back in 2010. They tried to maintain some degree of secrecy when they first started going out, but the paparazzi caught up with the two during the 2010 Coachella festival.

Six years later, the couple got engaged and welcomed their first child the following year, in 2017. However, the two seem to be taking their time when it comes to their wedding. According to the model, the time will come for them to tie the knot. For now, however, it’s not really their priority. Right now, they are more focused on their careers and on raising their young son. We’ll definitely be looking forward to that day!