Let’s Revisit Our Favorite Celebrities Of The Past

Most celebrities want to make it big in Hollywood. However, not everyone meets success. Hollywood’s glitter and glamour can be daunting for the first-time actor or actress. Even big names today like Harrison Ford, Meg Ryan, and Johnny Depp all started somewhere—and it is usually not a glamorous role at first. There are many of those listed below that first appeared in non-speaking roles. This is not surprising because, as someone just starting in the industry, the young celebrities were willing to take on even the least of roles, hoping to have a big break later on. For many, their investments in taking a small part paid off as they were noticed by casting directors or producers and were eventually given prominent roles.

Would you be interested to know which actor turned out to be a good comedian or a WWE fighter who found acting to be his alternate career path? Who among them were waiters or waitresses before taking on a breakthrough role? Read on to learn more about your favorite celebrities and what their first projects were.

Marilyn Monroe | First Movie: Miss Pilgrim

Considered one of the world’s most attractive women of her era, Norma Jeane Mortenson or Marilyn Monroe was a top-billed actress who ranked number six on the list of the greatest Hollywood legends from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her fame lasted only for a decade, but her films then earned as much as $200 million, the equivalent of $2 billion today. However, most people do not know that Monroe had a very rough childhood despite her riches when she became older.

She did not let the struggles affect her and persevered. Her first job was at the Radioplane Company in 1944. However, Monroe’s first venture into the limelight was when she worked as a model for photographer David Conover. Despite the advice of her husband, she contacted a lawyer and signed a deal with Conover. Modeling then served as her ticket to becoming an actress, with Miss Pilgrim the first-ever film she appeared in.

Johnny Depp | First Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street

It is difficult to imagine Johnny Depp as a teen idol, but that is exactly how he started his career in Hollywood. He was not exactly a teen because he was already 21 years old when he made his debut on A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984, but he was put forward as a teen on the TV series 21 Jump Street. These two projects were followed by Platoon and Private Resort in the late 1980s. Depp later mostly starred in independent films in the 1990s.

Over the years, he has been given credit as one of this generation’s most prolific and versatile actors. Among Depp’s most critically acclaimed work is Jack Sparrow in the film series Pirates of the Caribbean. Now the actor is busy defending his reputation in legal proceedings involving his former wife. Unfortunately, the recent controversies have cost him his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, but we hope he recovers soon.

Harrison Ford | First TV Series: The Virginian

When thinking of Harrison Ford, you probably have images of Han Solo and Indiana Jones in mind. He has been associated with these roles for a lifetime, making it somewhat challenging to see him as another character. However, just like other celebrities, Ford had humble beginnings. Among Ford’s first movies are Journey to Shiloh, Getting Straight, and American Graffiti. The first two were in 1967, along with the actor’s first appearance in the series The Virginian.

Despite his advanced age, Ford will return to the big screen to reprise his role in the Indiana Jones franchise. It makes sense to select him again for this role. To a degree, the role’s personality has attached itself to the actor, and he saw how the character developed over time. The fifth and final Indiana Jones saga will be coming out in 2022, and his fans are already talking about it.

Meryl Streep | First Broadway Play: Trelawny of the Wells

With 32 Golden Globe and 21 Academy Award nominations to her name, there is no doubt that Meryl Streep is one very well-appreciated actress. She has established herself as a versatile actress in the 1980s, but her first appearance was actually in a Broadway play, Trelawny of the Wells, in 1975. It was only two years after that she had the chance to appear in Julia. The late 1970s to late 1980s saw her rise to fame, but the 1990s was met with varied commercial success.

From the 2000s to 2010s, however, Streep reclaimed her glory. One of her most memorable roles was playing the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 2011 film The Iron Lady. The actress had also joined the digital bandwagon when she appeared on The Prom and Don’t Look Up, movies released on streaming services HBO Max and Netflix, respectively. It also appears she will be given credit with another Golden Globe nomination for her role in The Prom—her 33rd.

Pamela Anderson | First Modeling Gig: Spokesmodel

Born to Barry and Carol Anderson, Pamela Anderson was exposed to the press right after birth after getting recognized as Canada’s Centennial Baby. This was because her birthday corresponded with the 100th anniversary founding of the country. Her career as a model and TV personality started in 1989 after getting featured on the Jumbotron. Pamela was, at that time, attending a BC Lions Canadian Football League game and wearing a Labatt’s Beer T-shirt. Captured by her beauty, the company hired her to become their spokesmodel.

Anderson’s only progressed from there, and now, she is best known for her work in Home Improvement, Baywatch, and V.I.P. She has also appeared on the cover of magazines and starred in a variety of films. In addition, the model has recently tied the knot with her husband, Dan Hayhurst. They now live in Vancouver Island, in a home most likely equipped with a home security system for the couple’s privacy.

Jason Statham | First Movie: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

Action-thriller movies are definitely where Jason Statham shines best. He usually portrays Machiavellian characters, those with no chance of being redeemed. Did you know, though, that the actor was pursuing a career in sports at first before he shifted to modeling and then acting? Yes. He was initially part of the British National Diving Team and then modeled for a short period for Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger. Statham was then cast as Bacon in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, released in 1998.

The actor saw commercial success in the succeeding years after his debut, and so his investment money also increased. Now, he has a chance to increase that further as he is set to appear as Orson Fortune, an M16 agent in the movie Five Eyes. They are now filming the movie, and details on when it will premiere are likely to be announced soon.

Ashton Kutcher | First TV Series: That ’70s Show

Many remember Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen in the sitcom Two and a Half Men. However, he has also appeared on several movies and TV shows before this TV series. His first foray into the entertainment world was portraying Michael Kelso, the lanky “local idiot” in That ’70s Show. Kutcher’s first job, however, was as a model for Calvin Klein earlier in 1998. Comedic acting suited him better, though, and he received more projects following That ’70s Show.

Nowadays, Kutcher is focused on making tech investments, somehow similar to his character, Walden, in Two and a Half Men. Reports say that he is one of the most invested celebrities in Silicon Valley. His other business ventures include winemaking, owning an Italian restaurant, and bailing out a fledgling shoe business. While not as rich as Walden, Kutcher has accumulated a modest $200 million in the bank.

Charlize Theron | First Movie: Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest

Now a widely recognized actress, Charlize Theron started on various jobs before she became an actress. When the family was still in Italy, she won a one-year modeling contract in a local competition. After the deal lapsed, Charlize and her mother contacted the moving company to transfer their belongings to the US, establishing a new home in Miami and New York. She had her sights on acting, and it eventually paid off when John Crossby accidentally discovered her.

She was given a non-speaking role in Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest, which launched her career. Theron is now regarded as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, with several highly successful projects to her name. She has kept herself busy lately by producing and starring on Old Guards. The Mad Max actress is also set to reprise her role in F9, which was scheduled for release in April 2021.

Peter Dinklage | First Movie: Living in Oblivion

One trait Peter Dinklage can be lauded for taking pride in who he is. He could have easily started in Hollywood earlier than 1995 had he accepted roles usually offered for someone in his condition, but he refused. His first official movie was a low-budget movie, Living in Oblivion. The movie’s plot revolves around the struggles of low-budget moviemaking. Through the years, Dinklage honed his acting skills and landed a role as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, which ran from 2011 to 2019.

Post-Game of Thrones, the actor got involved in The Angry Birds Movie 2, where he voiced The Mighty Eagle. Reports also claim that the actor is involved in Rumplestiltskin, with Dinklage producing and starring. There is no news yet on the film’s production or filming status, but we could expect a great degree of effort from Dinklage and the rest of the crew if this was given the green light.

Eva Mendes | Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror

Another Children of the Corn baby, Eva Mendes, is a retired American actress. She began acting in the late 1990s, with her first official movie being the one mentioned above. Later on, the actress saw her career gain traction, with the 2001 film Training Day, as a turning point. Mendes also starred in We Own the Night, Ghost Rider, and Out of Time. Mendes is not only an actress but also a designer, creative director, and brand ambassador.

Later on, Mendes made a surprise move by retiring from acting in 2014. Her reason? She wanted to focus on family matters and raising her children with Ryan Gosling. The former actress revealed that she wanted to be a role model for her girls. So do we expect Mendes to manage the payment of household utilities like water and gas? We guess so. Her decision was lauded as it usually proves difficult to quit with the allure of more money, considering she was at the height of her career at that time.

Rosario Dawson | First Movie: Kids

Playing General Monica Jackson in the comedy series Young Rock, Rosario Dawson has been active in Hollywood since 1995. Her first feature film was Kids, a coming-of-age drama, followed by several successful projects like Clerks II, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Top Five. She is also the voice actor behind characters from Marvel and DC Comics.

Her recent gigs include playing the lead role in the Netflix movie Krystal and appearing as Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian. Dawson is also a self-professed Trekkie, along with her brother. She recently also came out as a member of the LGBT community. There were discussions earlier that she came out in an Instagram post back in 2018, but to a degree, she was not ready as she is now. Apart from acting, Dawson is also heavily involved in philanthropic work with organizations like Operation USA, Global Cool, and Voto Latino.

Jennifer Lawrence | First TV Series: Company Town

In 2015 and 2016, Jennifer Lawrence was named the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. The actress may be a major celebrity now, but she actually started with a very minor role in the TV series Company Town in 2006. It was never sold or aired, so technically, her debut was on a series of regular appearances in The Bill Engvall Show. In 2008, Lawrence then starred as Tiff in the drama movie Garden Party.

Fans of the actress have been missing her since 2019. They are probably wondering why she is not that active in Hollywood anymore. While it is partly because of the ongoing world health crisis, it is also because of a development in her life. She began dating art gallery owner Cooke Maroney and married him in 2019 in what many consider a whirlwind romance. Perhaps the two of them are now thinking of paying off a mortgage or sending utility check payments—things that newlyweds usually talk about.

Matthew McConaughey | First TV Series: Unsolved Mysteries

With a father who is an oil pipe supply business, it appeared that Matthew McConaughey was set to enter the family business. He did not follow in his father’s footsteps, however, and thought of becoming a lawyer. Unfortunately, that also did not work out, and so he focused on acting and modeling instead. His first work involved TV commercials, but her first TV series appearance was in Unsolved Mysteries in 1992.

Recently, McConaughey has been busy writing his memoir, which he released in 2020. Before that, he also appeared in The Gentleman, playing the role of Mickey Person. The Academy Award winner also talked about the possibility of running for Texas Governor in the next elections. In case he does this, he will join the list of actors-turned-politicians. He revealed that he was seriously considering this and was contemplating if he would do well in a leadership role.

Mel Gibson | First Movie: Summer City

Mel Gibson’s name evokes a certain degree of respect, not just from his fans but also from fellow celebrities. That is because the actor has proven himself capable in many aspects of filmmaking, including directing, producing, and writing. However, one fact many do not know about Gibson is that he appeared in the movie Summery City, his first-ever, and was only paid $400. Now, of course, the noted action-hero actor is paid millions for a role.

Considering his net worth, it is actually alright if he retires from making more movies now–but did he? Gibson took a break for some time, but he did have several recent projects, including directing Destroyer, an upcoming film. He also talked about a sequel to The Passion of the Christ, which fans are already discussing online. People are also raving about his latest film, Force of Nature, which was released in 2020. So to answer the question, it appears the actor has no plans of slowing down yet.

Wilford Brimley | First Movie: The China Syndrome

Anthony Brimley became an extra for western films after serving in the United States Marine Corps. Within a decade, he established himself as a film actor in the entertainment industry. Brimley made his acting debut in the movie The China Syndrome in 1979. Since then, he had starred in many films and television shows, including Tender Mercies, The Natural, Cocoon, Heaven Sent, Last of the Dogmen, Rodeo Girl, Roughnecks, and many more.

Brimley was also the long-time face of the company Quaker Oats for television commercials. Other commercials that he appeared in were for Liberty Medical. It’s a company specializing in medical products home delivery. He was the voice-over for the commercial campaign on television of Bryan Foods—credit to his rich voice. In 2005, Brimley won the Golden Boot Awards. Besides his acting profession, the actor is also a fine singer and released several albums.

John Wayne | First Movie: The Big Trail

Having starred in 179 film and television productions, John Wayne had become a famous icon in the entertainment industry through his roles in Western genre movies. Throughout his professional acting career, it spanned from the silent era of the 1920s, the Golden Age of Hollywood, and up to the American New Wave. Over three decades, Wayne became among the box-office draws in his prime, collaborating with other celebrities at the time—credit to his fame.

Later in his career, Wayne directed some movies, including the 1960 film The Alamo and The Green Berets in 1968. The actor won his first award for Best Actor at the 1969 Oscars for the movie True Grit. Wayne’s last film was The Shootist in 1976. The actor also ventured into business, co-founding a production company called Batjac. The company was named after the fictional shipping company Baltjak in the movie, which he starred in 1948, Wake of the Red Witch.

Estella Warren | First Movie: Perfume

Estella Warren was a member of Canada’s synchronized swimming national team. She’s a three-time national team champion for Canada and a bronze medalist at the Junior World Championships in 1995. Rhonda Broadbelt, the modeling agency Broadfelt & Fonte Models owner, discovered Warren back in 1994 when she was still a synchronized swimmer in Ontario. Broadbelt then introduced her to the owner of the American Models, George Gallier. Soon after, Warren flew to New York City for some photoshoot audition. Since then, she began her modeling career for several years, building her career and credit score.

In 2001, Warren made her acting debut in the 2001 movie Perfume and was followed by several movies since then, including Driven, Planet of the Apes, Tangled, Kangaroo Jack, and many others. The actress also appeared in a number of television shows such as That ’70s Show, Law & Order, and Ghost Whisperer. Warren’s last movie was in the 2017movie Just Within Reach.

Danny Trejo | First Movie: Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Danny Trejo’s Hollywood career began unusually. At the production set of the 1985 film Runaway Train, a teenager asked the assistance of Trejo regarding substance abuse issues since he’s a youth drug counselor back then. While there, he was offered a job as an extra for the film’s prison scenes but eventually landed an actual role. From then onward, Trejo established himself as a fine actor in the entertainment industry. Among the movies he starred in early on in his acting career included Blood In Blood Out, Marked for Death, Heat, Desperado, Con Air, Six Days, and Seven Nights.

Given credit for his distinctive appearance, Trejo mostly starred in movies as a villain. However, he played sympathetic roles in some movies, such as the Spy Kids film trilogy and the American television show Monk. Other television shows that Trejo appeared in included The Desperate Housewives and the animated sitcom King of the Hill, where he voiced the character of Enrique. Just this month, Trejo was honored by Los Angeles CRI-Help, a drug and alcohol center, at its 50th-anniversary drive-in celebration.

Christoph Waltz | First Movie: Inglorious Basterds

In Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 movie Inglorious Basterds, Christoph Waltz made his breakthrough role as the SS officer Hans Landa. Subsequently, Waltz starred in another Tarantino film Django Unchained, portraying the bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz. His performance for the movie earned him considerable credit and recognition like a BAFTA Award, Academy Award, and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. Waltz also received the Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance in the film Inglorious Basterds and an award for Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival.

Following those movies, the actor then starred in films like Carnage, Big Eyes, The Zero Theorem, Rifkin’s Festival, and Downsizing, among others. Waltz earned acclaim for his portrayal of James Bond’s nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the movie Spectre in 2015. He then starred in No Time To Die in 2021, reprising his role from the previous film. Waltz has an upcoming comedy-drama film this year titled The French Dispatch.

Alexis Bledel | First Movie: Tuck Everlasting

Alexis Bledel is known for playing the character of Rory Gilmore on the television series Gilmore Girls. So far, the actress has received the Young Artist Award, Teen Choice, and Satellite nominations for per performances in the series. In 2002, Bledel made her featured film debut in the romantic drama Tuck Everlasting. Soon after, the actress starred in several movies like The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Sin City, Post Grad, and I’m Reed.

In 2009, Bledel starred in the romantic comedy The Good Guy, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. She also guest-starred for the two-hour finale of the medical drama ER titled And at the End on the NBC network. Besides on-screen acting, Bledel performed in theatre productions such as Regrets staged at the New York City Center by the Manhattan Theatre Club. Credit to her acting skills, she has gained success in her career.

Alden Ehrenreich | First Movie: Tetro

Discovered by the legendary film director Steven Spielberg at a bat mitzvah reception, Alden Ehrenreich began to star in the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Supernatural. He then made his film debut in the 2009 film of Francis Ford Coppola, Tetro, where he played Bennie Tetrocini. For his role audition, he was asked by Coppola to read a passage from The Catcher in the Rye. Ehrenreich was credited for his performance in the movie. In 2011, he played a minor role in Coppola’s subsequent film Twixt.

Ehrenreich starred in the film adaptation of the novel Beautiful Creatures, where he portrayed the character of Ethan Wate. That same year, he appeared in the thriller movie Stoker as Whip Taylor. The actor then played the stepson of Cate Blanchett’s character in the film Blue Jasmine. Ehrenreich became more widely known for his role as Hobie Doyle in the film Hail, Caesar!

Chris Pratt | First Movie: Cursed Part 3

Chris Pratt gained prominence in the sitcom Parks and Recreations as Andy Dwyer on the NBC network. He was later nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series at the 2013 Critic’s Choice Television Award. Early on in his career, he also appeared in the drama series Everwood from 2002 until 2006, while securing roles in other movies, including Moneyball, Jennifer’s Body, Wanted, Movie, The Five-Year Engagement, Her, and Delivery Man, over the years. All of this can be given credit to his incredible talent as an actor.

In 2014, Pratt landed lead roles in the movies Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel Studios and The Lego Movie by Warner Animation Group. By 2015, Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world. He later furthered his success with two Jurassic World movies and part two of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Pratt’s new film this year is yet to be announced, but it’s titled The Terminal List, a thriller drama film.

Evangeline Lilly | First Movie: Stealing Sinatra

After gaining widespread acclaim in her first leading role as Kate Austen in the series Lost on ABC network, Evangeline Lilly eventually earned herself a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress in a Drama Series. She also won the Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in Lost. In 2008, Lilly starred in the Academy-winning war movie The Hurt Locker. The actress then starred in the 2011 science fiction Real Steel.

In the following years, the actress secured several more movies, including The Hobbit, where she portrayed the character of Tauriel, Ant-Man, and the Wasp, as Hope van Dyne (Wasp), and the Avengers: Endgame. In 2023, Lilly is going to reprise her role in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Apart from acting, she is also the author of the ongoing children’s book series The Squickerwonkers, from 2013 up to the present. We bet she’s good at investment planning as well.

Kristen Wiig | First Movie: Unaccompanied Minors

Kristen Wiig relocated to Los Angeles earlier in her career and became a member of the improvisational comedy troupe The Groundlings. In 2003, she made her debut in television. Wiig joined the Saturday Night Live cast in 2005 and appeared in the Christmas comedy Unaccompanied Minors. In the following years, Wiig appeared in several supporting-role movies, including Whip It, Knocked Up, Adventureland, and Paul. Soon after, Wiig co-wrote the screenplay for the comedy film Bridesmaids, where she also starred in 2011.

The actress also lent her voice for the animated film series Despicable Me and How to Train Your Dragons. For her role in the miniseries The Spoils of Babylon in 2019, Wiig was given credit with a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie at the Primetime Emmy Award. Nowadays, Wiig is a highly respected actress in the industry with so much more success ahead of her.

Sharlto Copley | First Movie: Yellow

Sharlto Copley is a South African actor known for playing Wikus van der Merwe in the Academy-nominated sci-fi District 9 in 2009. For the film, he was given credit with the IGN Summer Movie Awards Best Performance and Favorite Hero for his performance. The following year, Copley wrote, produced, and directed Wikus and Charlize, an insert for the South African Film and Television Awards featuring fellow South African actress Charlize Theron.

In the film adaptation of The A-Team, Copley starred alongside Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for the action-adventure film. Copley starred in other movies, including Elysium, Europa Report, Chappie, and Maleficent, among many others. He also appeared in two seasons of the television series Powers. Copley has an upcoming movie in 2022, an action-thriller film titled Monkey Man, in its post-production phase. It seems like Copley’s fans have a lot to look forward to.

Sylvester Stallone | First Movie: The Party at Kitty and Stud’s

Sylvester Stallone achieved great commercial success as an actor after he wrote and starred in the 1976 sports-drama film series Rocky, where he played the character of Rocky Balboa. In 1977, Stallone became the third actor nominated for two Academy Awards—Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. Later on, Rocky was inducted into the National Film Registry. Its movie props were also placed in the Smithsonian Museum, giving credit to Stallone’s impeccable acting and screenwriting.

In Philadelphia, a statue of his character Rocky Balboa is placed permanently near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Its front entrance was also nicknamed Rocky Steps, as the front entrance was used by Stallone in the Rocky movie. Since then, Stallone has done numerous films and won several awards and recognitions over his career. The Hollywood superstar has an upcoming film in June this year titled Samaritan.

Samuel L. Jackson | First Movie: Ragtime

Samuel L. Jackson has grossed $27 billion in all the movies he has appeared in, making him the highest-grossing actor of all time. That doesn’t even include his paid cameo appearances! He’s widely regarded as one of the most popular actors of his generation. After starring in movies like Patriot Games, Coming to America, Goodfellas, Menace II Society, Juice, True Romance, Fresh, and Jurassic Park, Jackson gained considerable prominence. Along with that prominence came an impressive credit score.

Some of his noteworthy performances were in the movies School Daze, Do the Right Thing, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, and The Hateful Eight.Jackson has achieved tremendous success in his chosen field of profession. Throughout his career, he’s done over 150 films and television shows. Along the way, he won numerous awards and recognitions for his performances in various movies. He’s one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood.

Hulk Hogan | First Movie: Rocky III

Considered the most recognizable wrestling star globally, Hulk Hogan is also the most popular wrestler in the 1980s. His career began in 1977 and gained global fame after he signed for World Wrestling Federation in 1983. His heroic all-American persona helped usher the professional wrestling boom in the 1980s. Hogan headlined eight of WWF’s flagship annual event out of nine—WrestleMania. In his initial run, Hogan won five WWF Championship titles. His first reign held the record for the second-longest in the company’s history. He’s the first wrestler to win consecutive Royal Rumble matches.

Besides wrestling, Hogan also ventured into many business investments, including a restaurant called Pastamania, a blender called Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer, and microwaveable burgers and sandwiches called Hulkster Burgers. In 2014, he ventured into the web hosting business, Hostmania, in partnership with the parent company Tech Assets.

Elizabeth Banks | First Movie: Surrender Dorothy

Elizabeth Banks is known for the dystopian film The Hunger Games, where she portrayed the character of Effie Trinket and in Pitch Perfect film series as Gail Abernathy-McKadden. Long before that, however, Elizabeth made her film debut in the 1998 independent film Surrender Dorothy. Since then, Banks has starred in numerous movies throughout her career, including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Seabiscuit, Invincible, Slither, Role Models, Wet Hot American Summer, Spiderman trilogy, Man on a Ledge, The Lego Movie, and Power Rangers, among many others.

The actress has a recurring role on the television sitcom 30 Rock on the NBC network, where she played the character of Avery Jessup. There, she was given credit with two Primetime Emmy Award nominations. She also appeared on the comedy series Modern Family and Scrub. Banks earned her third nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award on the Modern Family series. As of 2019, Banks host the 1980s television game show revival Press Your Luck on ABC network.

Kathy Bates | First TV Show: The Doctors

Kathy Bates is genuinely one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. Bates has been able to cultivate a career filled with acting credits on television and film. She also earned several accolades throughout her career, including 14 Emmy nominations, eight Golden Globe nominations, and four Academy Award nods. Kathy certainly came a long way from first starring in a four-episode arc on The Doctors.

Kathy Bates got her first taste of fame when she played Phyllis Gillette on the hit television show. It was a role that was so small that most people who watched the show don’t even remember seeing her. Today, she still appears on various television and film projects. She’s set to appear in a handful of films like Home and Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret. It definitely amazes us that she’s still going strong at the age of 72.

Justin Hartley | First TV Show: Passions

Justin Hartley is one of the most recognizable actors on television today. He’s also appeared in a good number of films throughout his career. You could say that one of the highly sought-after actors in Hollywood today. However, Hartley wasn’t always a successful television actor as he first starred in small projects, eventually working his way to big productions.

Hartley first picked up his first acting credit in his central role on the hit television series Passions. He masterfully played the role of “Nicholas Foxworth “Fox” Crane from 2002 to 2006. After his acting success in Passions, he quickly moved on to other television shows, including This Is Us. His performance in This Is Us allowed him to get attention, which enabled him to land a spot in a couple of films like The Challenger, Little, and The Hunt.

Amber Tamblyn | First TV Show: General Hospital

Amber Tamblyn is a successful actress, writer, and director. Her acting resume consists of several acting credits on blockbuster films as well as television shows. As an actress, she’s been able to catch a couple of accolades, including a handful of nominations for a Primetime Emmy and a Golden Globe. Her exceptional talent in acting is unquestionable even by today’s standards.

Tamblyn first kicked off her career in the long-running television drama General Hospital. She played the quintessential role of “Emily Quartermaine” for six years, from 1995 until 2001. For a first acting credit, General Hospital was a big deal in the mainstream! She then quickly moved on to appear in several films and television shows year after year. Today, Amber is doing a little bit of everything as she also is an author, a musician besides being an actress and director.

Shemar Moore | First TV Series: The Young & the Restless

Shemar Moore is an accomplished actor who’s starred in several television shows throughout his career. Some of Shemar’s most notable roles came in shows like Criminal Minds, S.W.A.T. and Soul Train. In addition to a resume filled with acting credits, Shemar also won eight N.A.A.C.P.T. Image Awards and a Daytime Emmy back in 2000. His most recent award came in 2016 for his outstanding work on the hit American drama Criminal Minds.

Shemar first kicked off his illustrious television career in the hit television show The Young and the Restless. He was on the show from 1994 until 2005, with a brief hiatus from 2002 until 2004. Shemar returned to the soap for a guest appearance back in 2014. Today, he’s focused on starring in his new crime drama S.W.A.T., which continues to air today. He’s also currently the voice actor for the “Cyborg” in the Justice League series.

Laurence Fishburne | First TV Show: One Life to Live

You may have seen Laurence Fishburne in a good number of blockbuster Hollywood flicks over the past couple of decades. He’s an actor known for his acting credits in iconic films like The Matrix, Boyz n the Hood, and Apocalypse Now. Fishburne has been hailed for his iconic forceful, authoritative, and militant characters in his films. Besides acting, he’s also a talented playwright, screenwriter, director, and producer. Fishburne is undoubtedly a gifted man with many endeavors.

Before appearing in films like The Matrix and Boyz n the Hood, Laurence Fishburne appeared on the set of One Life to Live from 1973 until 1976. He played the role of “Josh Hall” on the hit 70s drama, where he gained enough attention to kickstart his career. Although it was a small role, it paid off for Fishburne as he could move on into appearing in several films after.

Julianne Moore | First TV Show: As the World Turns

Julianne Moore is one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood. Her success in film has spanned since the early 90s, and she’s best known for her portrayals of emotionally troubled women in several blockbusters and independent films. Moore has been able to win several accolades, including two Emmy Awards, an Academy Award, and two Golden Globes. Besides acting, she’s also an author, and she has released a couple of publications under her name. In 2020, Moore ranked The New York Times as #11 in its list of the 25 Greatest Actors of the Modern Century.

Before cultivating a widely illustrious career, Julianne Moore first played “Frannie Hughes” in the 80s drama As the World Turns. You could tell that she was bound for greatness as her acting credit in As the World Turns won her a Daytime Emmy! She certainly deserved that Emmy, as Julianne also did double the work by playing Frannie’s identical half-sister at the same time.

Josh Duhamel | First TV Show: All my Children

Before becoming a well-known actor, Josh Duhamel ruled the soap drama world through All My Children’s hit television show. He played the role of “Leo,” which earned him a Daytime Emmy. Despite his success, Duhamel would continue to evolve as an actor as Duhamel left the show to pursue better opportunities. He then starred in another NBC drama titled Las Vegas.

Josh Duhamel would eventually venture into film. Today, he’s got an illustrious acting resume filled with several acting credits on blockbuster films. He was a part of four Transformer films, also appearing recently in the fifth movie, Transformers: The Last Night. Duhamel also appeared in many romantic comedies, including When in Rome, New Year’s Eve, Safe Haven, and Life as We Know It. He appears in film and television today, and he currently stars as “Sheldon Sampson” in the Netflix series Jupiter’s Legacy.

Sarah Michelle Gellar | First TV Show: All My Children

Sarah Michelle Gellar is another famous actress who first started in the television soap All My Children. She played the prominent role of “Kendall Hart” on the show, a troubled teen, and she played it from 1993 until 1995. Fans could tell that she was destined to be a great actress as it even won her a Daytime Emmy Award! But, Gellar still decided to leave the show to focus on finding new opportunities and different projects.

Right after quitting All My Children, Sarah Michelle Gellar could land spots in other television shows. Sarah is famous for her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in which she became a household name. Today, Gellar still appears in several television shows, but she’s also cultivated a career centered around cooking. For her, cooking is more than just an investment as it’s also a passion and a hobby!

John Stamos | First TV Show: General Hospital

Before he landed a spot as “Uncle Jesse” in the hit television show Full House, John Stamos first appeared on the long-running television drama General Hospital. Even in his early stint on the soap, John already showcased his interest in music: his show formed the band Blackie and the Riff Raff. Although the band wasn’t close to Jesse and the Rippers, you could argue that the writers of both shows were definitely up to something.

It’s no secret that John Stamos was able to cultivate a successful acting career in television. His acting resume also features acting credits in a handful of films. Stamos also won his fair share of awards throughout his four-decade career, including a Soapy Award and a nomination for a Daytime Emmy. Today, he still appears in a couple of television shows, including Fuller House, Grandfathered, and a few more.

Leonardo DiCaprio | First TV Show: Santa Barbara

Millions of fans remember Leonardo DiCaprio’s days as a child actor on the hit television shows Growing Pains and Roseanne. Interestingly, Leo already appeared on television through the hit 80s soap drama Santa Barbara. You could say that he was not the elite actor that we’ve come to know today. But, considering that he was still a childhood actor, it’s still interesting to know about his first acting credits.

Without a doubt, Leo went on and cultivated a successful acting career after his time in those television shows. He’s best known for starring in blockbuster films like Titanic, Inception, The Wolf of Wallstreet, and many more! Leo also has won several awards and accolades over the past couple of decades. Today, Leo appears in various films, and he manages to engage in his philanthropy and political activism. More importantly, Leo’s principles inspire the hearts of many fans around the world.

Alec Baldwin | First TV Show: The Doctors

Alec Baldwin first kicked off his successful Hollywood career in television. His role as “Billy Aldrich” on the hit television show The Doctors allowed him to gain attention from his peers. He starred on the show from 1980 until 1982 and left the show to pursue more acting opportunities and evolve as an actor. The decision to leave the show was undoubtedly an excellent one as he’s now one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood.

You could say that his decision to leave the show was a good investment. Baldwin was able to land spots in blockbuster films like Alice, The Aviator, and Blue Jasmine. Baldwin also won several awards and accolades throughout his career, including two Primetime Emmys, three Golden Globes, and an Academy Award. Today, he seems to be quite a busy man as he appears in several films while working on his audiobooks and podcasts. He’s also an author, and he constantly engages in various philanthropical works.

Morgan Freeman | First TV Show: Ryan’s Hope

It’s almost impossible not to know who Morgan Freeman is. Interestingly, Morgan Freeman didn’t start acting until he was in his twenties. Before becoming the actor we all know today, Freeman used his iconic voice in several soap operas like Another World and Ryan’s Hope. His peers might have been amazed at his talent that he could move on into more significant acting roles!

Morgan Freeman is indeed one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood today. As an actor, he has acting credits in several award-winning films since his debut as a voice actor. He has also received various awards, including a Golden Globe Award, an Academy Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. You could say that Freeman is one of the most decorated and celebrated actors in Hollywood today. He’s now 83 years old, and he’s set to appear in more films throughout the next few years.

Mark Hamill | First TV Show: General Hospital

Picturing Mark Hamill playing any character other than Luke Skywalker might be an impossible task. But, a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Hamill appeared on the television drama General Hospital. It was his first acting credit as an actor, and he played the role of “Kent Murray” for just one year from 1972 until 1973. Although he appeared in General Hospital for only a year, Hamill referred to the experience as some of the happiest months of his career.

It’s certainly a possibility that Mark Hamill left General Hospital to star as “Luke Skywalker” in the Star Wars film series. Hamill also appeared in other films, including The Big Red One in 1980 and Corvette Summer in 1978. Besides acting, Hamill is also a prolific voice actor and writer. Today, he still occasionally appears on various films and television shows, whether Star Wars-affiliated or not.

Jensen Ackles | First TV Show: Days of Our Lives

We all know Jensen Ackles as the star of the hit television show Supernatural. Interestingly, Jensen wasn’t always this dashing and successful television actor. He started his acting career as “Eric Brady” on the 90s television drama Days of Our Lives. Moreover, Ackles landed the show back in 1997 and held on to it until 2000. More importantly, Ackles also received many accolades for his performance in Days of Our Lives.

Being recognized for his exceptional performance in Days of Our Lives certainly wasn’t enough for Jensen. He decided to leave the show in search of greener pastures. Indeed, he found greener pastures in Supernatural, where it ran for 15 years and a whopping 327 episodes. You could say that his decision to leave was his version of a significant investment. Ackles received several awards for his role in Supernatural. Since Supernatural ended in 2020, Ackles has been primarily busy working on his positions on newer projects.


Demi Moore | First TV Show: General Hospital

The hit television show General Hospital was able to produce several prolific actors and actresses. One of them was Demi Moore, who played “Jackie Templeton” from 1982 and 1983. Demi’s role on the show was an investigative journalist, and it must have attracted attention as she was able to land spots in films in the succeeding years.

After leaving the show, Demi received acting credits in projects like St. Elmo’s Fire, Ghost, and A Few Good Men. It’s undoubtedly a fact that she’s one of the most decorated actresses in Hollywood today. Demi has won several awards to be regarded as the highest-paid actress in film history back in 1996. Today, Demi is most active when it comes to her activism and philanthropic works. She still makes an occasional appearance in various shows, but it’s just not her priority as of the moment.

Lauryn Hill | First Soap Opera: As the World Turns

Lauryn Hill was one of the most prominent rappers during the ’90s. Her album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, is given credit for being one of the all-time top-selling albums. Lauryn is lauded for her innovative melodic rap tunes, which have inspired some of the most successful pop stars of modern music. As such, she is an eight-time Grammy Award winner.

Before all the success that came along Lauryn’s rap career, she had humble beginnings in a soap opera titled As the World Turns as Kyra Johnson. She was a recurring character, but soon enough, Lauryn would join the band The Fugees and transition to music. Nowadays, Lauryn is a grandmother and has five children with ex-partner Rohan Marley, the son of the great Bob Marley. She still performs on stage from time to time and has not given up on music.

Tom Selleck | First Soap Opera: The Young and the Restless

Tom Selleck rose to fame in the ’80s, whose signature slick mustache was synonymous with private investigator Thomas Magnum in Magnum PI. The show would credit Selleck much acclaim and esteem in the industry, making him a household name over the recent decades. Moreover, some of the hardcore Selleck fans know Selleck played a pivotal role in the hit tv opera, The Young and the Restless as Mr. Andrews from 1974 to 1975.

Nowadays, Selleck is 76 years old and lives a happy life with his family on his ranch in Ventura, California. His long-time wife Jillie Mack and their children Hannah and Kevin have been his foothold throughout his years as a celebrity. Selleck remains active in the industry and has been doing the cop drama Blue Bloods for over a decade. He plays the role of Frank Reagan, a New York City Police Commissioner.

Michael B. Jordan | First Soap Opera: All My Children

Michael B. Jordan is internationally famous for his role in the Rocky spinoff films of Creed. Moreover, he also starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise film release of Black Panther. In 2002, the young Michael had a role in the hit HBO crime drama The Wire, which cast the likes of Dominic West and Idris Elba. And a year after, he was cast in a soap opera, All My Children, until 2006. To his credit, he built upon the attention he garnered through these shows and would go on to show acting skills in other films and television series.

Nowadays, Michael is still riding the waves of success in the Hollywood industry. And recent reports say that he is currently doing a film directed by Denzel Washington titled A Journal for Jordan. Moreover, it was also recently announced that a third release of the Creed franchise is underway.

David Hasselhoff | First Soap Opera: The Young and the Restless

People who grew up before the 2000s know the greatness of The Hoff. David Hasselhoff was one of the most prominent actors during that era, starring in the world-famous show Baywatch. In 2012, he was even given credit by The Guinness Book of Records for being the most-watched man in television history. And his older fans would also know of his stint as Michael Knight in the ’80s Knight Rider. Although, even before his success with the iconic talking sports car, David starred in the classic series, The Young and the Restless, from 1975 as Dr. Snapper Foster.

To this day, Hoff has not retired from the industry and has appeared in several TV shows over recent years. These include The Helgason Show, Young Sheldon, and Close Enough, among many others. Moreover, reports show that he will also appear in the upcoming TV series Ze Network and the comedy film Kung Fury 2.

Meg Ryan | First Soap Opera: As the World Turns

A young Meg Ryan aspired to be an esteemed journalist. And she sought funding for her degree in taking up a role in the soap opera As the World Turns. Little did Ryan know that the choice would lead to 21 episodes of the show and would be her stepping stone to a prolific career in the Hollywood industry. Meg’s initial claim to fame was for a supporting role in the 1986 blockbuster classic Top Gun alongside the likes of Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. Although, it wouldn’t be until 1989 when she starred in the rom-com When Harry Met Sally, that Meg would garner international acclaim.

In 2003, after harsh criticisms about her role in the movie In the Cut, Meg would decide to take a break from the spotlight. She then made a comeback in 2015, although it was as a director in the film Ithaca. Her fresh start as a director in the industry gave a breathed new life to Meg’s career.

Brad Pitt | First Soap Opera: Another World

Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. Although, before his exceptional degree of international fame came about, in 1997, he starred in the soap opera Another World. Pitt played the role of Chris, who was a young basketball player. After which, he garnered attention as a hitchhiker in 1991’s Thelma & Louise. And in 1995, he won a Golden Globe Award for his supporting role in the film 12 Monkeys. And from then on, the success of Pitt flourished. He would star in critically acclaimed films such as Fight Club, Ocean’s film franchise, Troy, Benjamin Button, and the classic box office hit, The Departed, among many others.

To this day, Pitt builds upon his enormous and lucrative success in the Hollywood industry. Reports say that he has upcoming movies underway. These include Babylon, Lost City of D, and Bullet Train.

Nathan Fillion | First Soap Opera: One Life to Live

Nathan Fillion is a distinguished Canadian-American actor. Fans of his might brag about his performance role in Joss Whedon’s sci-fi series Firefly. It has garnered a cult following and remains to have a strong presence in the annual Comic-Con. Fillion also starred in the TV series Castle. And to his credit, his maximum performance earned the show a strong eight seasons, which spanned over 173 episodes.

Fillion fans would know that one of his first TV appearances was during the mid-’90s in the television series One Life to Live, starring Joey Riley Buchanan, who was involved in a forbidden love affair with his mother’s nemesis. And in 2007, he reprised his role and enjoyed a brief return in the show. Nowadays, Fillion has a couple of upcoming projects underway. He has a role in the much anticipated DC 2021 movie Suicide Squad as TDK. He will also star in the modern series Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. as Simon Williams.

Ryan Phillippe | First Soap Opera: One Life to Live

Nowadays, the TV and film industry makes it a point to be more inclusive to cater to a broader audience. And one of the pioneers in gender inclusivity in daytime TV is distinguished actor Ryan Phillippe. You may know him from critically acclaimed films such as Cruel Intentions, and I Know What You Did Last Summer. And when Phillippe was 18, he was given credit for portraying the first openly gay character Billy Douglas in the classic opera, One Life to Live.

To this day, the esteemed actor remains active in the industry, and one of his recent roles was in the thriller drama Shooter, which aired from 2016 to 2018. He has also lent his golden pipes in the credit series Robot Chicken, which stars the likes of Seth Green. Moreover, he has upcoming projects underway, including American Murder, Lady of the Manor, and One Shot.

Taye Diggs | First Soap Opera: Guiding Light

Taye Diggs is an esteemed Broadway star, having performed on iconic musicals such as Chicago and Rent. However, one of his first TV appearances was in the soap opera Guiding Light in 1997. He was cast for the role of Adian “Sugar” Hill. About four years later, he would star in the acclaimed comedy series Ally McBeal. Critics gave his performances in the series credit, and he even received nominations for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Apart from his TV success, Diggs starred in films such as How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Equilibrium, among many others.

In recent years, Diggs is still going strong in the TV industry. Some of his recent shows include All-American, where he played Billy Baker, a recurring character for over 43 episodes. Moreover, Diggs also has an upcoming horror-thriller titled Mammon which is currently in its post-production stage.

Susan Sarandon | First Soap Opera: A World Apart

Susan Sarandon is one of Hollywood’s most esteemed actresses. The degree of respect she gets from her peers is backed with accolades that include the coveted Academy Award for her role in the 1995 film Dead Man Walking. However, before Sarandon made it big on the silver screen, Sarandon garnered recognition in the TV industry. She played Patrice Kahlman and was the star of the soap opera A World Apart, which spanned 325 episodes from 1970 to 1971.

She has proved herself to be a household name in both cinema and TV throughout Sarandon’s career. And to this day, she is one of Hollywood’s most prominent actresses with regular project releases. Her recent performances include the TV series Search Party, the TV animation series Robot Chicken, the comedy Ride the Eagle, and the critically acclaimed cartoon series Rick and Morty.

Leven Rambin | First Soap Opera: All My Children

Leven Rambin has made a name for herself in the TV industry. Her memorable roles include Sloan Riley in the world-famous series Grey’s Anatomy and Riley Dawson in the hit action series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. However, her initial TV appearances were when she was only 13 years old in All My Children’s soap opera. And to her credit, her performance as Lily Montgomery is one of her most successful roles to date, which she portrayed for 161 episodes. Apart from her thriving career, Ramin has also starred in blockbusters such as The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

In more recent roles, Rambin appeared in the critically acclaimed HBO series True Detective as Athena Bezzerides. The series also starred distinguished actors Matthew McConaughey, Vince Vaughn, and Colin Farrell. Rambin also starred in the 2017 series Gone. Moreover, Rambin has an upcoming movie, The Forever Purge.

Kevin Bacon | First Soap Opera: Guiding Light

We all love and know Kevin Bacon to be one of Hollywood’s household world-famous prized actors. Apart from his iconic roles in the films Footloose, JFK, and A Few Good Men, he was lauded and given credit for his performance on the comedy National Lampoon’s Animal House in his early years in the industry in 1978. However, the show’s commercial success didn’t quite do much for Bacon’s budding career at that time. And one of his early TV appearances to compensate for his financial struggles was in the soap opera Guiding Light.

Nowadays, Bacon is estimated to have a net worth of $45 million. Indeed, his days of being financially challenged are long gone. His recent TV appearance is on the ongoing series City on a Hill, where he stars as an FBI veteran, Jackie Rohr. Bacon also starred in 2020’s horror You Should Have Left. With decades of success in the industry, it is pleasing to know that he is still going strong.

Jordana Brewster | First Soap Opera: As the World Turns

Jordana Brester debuted her career in an episode of All My Children in 1995. However, not long after that, she would be cast as Nikki Munson in the soap opera As the World Turns. To her credit, she would portray the character for over 100 episodes in more than six decades. She would even be recognized for her outstanding performance in the soap opera and be nominated for Outstanding Teen Performance at the Soap Opera Digest Awards in 1997. After which, Jordana would star in her most successful role to date, as Mia Toretto, in the mega-blockbuster franchise Fast and Furious.

Nowadays, apart from her lucrative success as Mia, Jordana has also starred in the TV adaptation of the Lethal Weapon franchise. The series lasted for two years from 2016, and Jordana played the role of Maureen Cahill for over 33 episodes. She also has an upcoming drama film, The Integrity of Joseph Chambers.

Paul Wesley | First Soap Opera: Another World

Paul Wesley is one of the most famous actors in modern American television. He earned his keep in the commercially successful TV series Vampire Diaries as Stefan Salvatore. The show lasted for eight strong seasons spanning over 171 episodes. However, before Welsey garnered his well-deserved attention, he started in the industry at 19. He played the role of Sean McKinnon in the soap opera Another World in 1999. And his direct investments must have been a good agent for quickly landing a role in another soap opera on Guiding Light the very same year.

Through the years, Wesley has landed roles in TV, including CSI Miami and CSI New York, American Dreams, and Army Wives, among many others. His most recent would be his two-year stint in the famous TV thriller series Tell Me a Story.

Hayden Panettiere | First Soap Opera: One Life to Live

Hayden Panettiere’s breakthrough role came in 2006 in a superhero series Heroes as Claire Bennet. The show garnered much attention, which would catapult her career to a degree of mainstream fame. Heroes for four seasons, and at the peak of its success, it earned several accolades, including recognition from the Golden Globes and the Emmys. Apart from this, Hayden is also known for her performance in the 2000 classic, Remember the Titans.

Years before Hayden’s mainstream success, she starred in the soap opera One Life to Live as Sarah Roberts for 25 episodes from 1994 to 1997. From there, the young Hayden would also star in another soap opera on Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding from 1998-2000. Nowadays, she just came off from a successful stint in the series Nashville and is reportedly traveling back and forth to Ukraine visiting her daughter. The latter is living with her ex-husband, former boxing Heavyweight Champion Vladimir Klitschko.

Kevin Kline | First Movie: Sophie’s Choice

Kevin Kline is a successful actor who is best known for his movies and his degree of outstanding stage performances. He made his debut in the film Sophie’s Choice in 1982 alongside Meryl Streep. From then on, he has shown potential in comedy and acting that made him famous in Hollywood.

Before acting, Kline was into musical stage plays. He first joined The Acting Company, where he bagged various important roles showing off his fantastic acting chops. Kline was included in the plays On the Twentieth Century, where he got accolades from different award-winning bodies. Today, Kline is now 73-year-old and is close to retiring from acting soon. He enjoys life with his wife Phoebe Cates and withstands the challenges of their 16-year-age gap. They defy the odds of their marriage, along with the many eyebrows raised from their wedding. Kline and Cates have two kids together.

Robin Wright | First Soap Opera: Santa Barbara

Robin Write is one of the actresses of the 1980s. She is famous for her beauty and her acting skills, which have to withstand many decades in the industry. Wright first appeared on television with her role as Kelly Capwell in the hit NBC Daytime soap opera Santa Barbara. She played the position from 1984 to 1988. It seems like many loved her performance and believed that she is also best seen on big screens. By the late 1980s, Wright ventured into film acting with movies The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump. She continued reigning in the film at the onset of the 2000s until today.

Wright proved that her excellent reputation and long-standing career could be given credit to her versatility as an actress. The actress is still a stable name in acting with new movies such as Blade Runner, the Dragon Tattoo, and many more credit films.

Kelly Ripa | First TV Appearance: Dancin’ On Air

Kelly Ripa is one of the well-loved celebrities of the 1990s. She is a dancer, actress, TV host, and producer whose career spanned more than three decades. Ripa broke out on Dancin’ On Air as a dancer. Since she started, Ripa has always been vocal about her dream to become a talk show host. With her talent, the actress was able to have her show Live! With Kelly and Ryan.

Her breakthrough role is on All My Children, where she played Hayley Vaughan. The actress married her co-star Mark Consuelos, and they were blessed with three children throughout their marriage. Currently, Ripa and Consuelos maintain their own production company Milojo Productions where they practiced their wise money management skills as investors. Aside from this, Ripa is an active spokesperson for various brands such as Electrolux. The actress is also into an advocacy campaign, supporting causes such as ovarian cancer awareness.

Mark Consuelos | First TV Show: All My Children

Mark Consuelos is one of the famous stars of the 1990s. After graduating with a degree in marketing, Consuelos began to work as a dancer with Suncoast Calendar Men. Consuelos got scouted by a casting agent and left his job to be an actor. His first role is for All My Children in 1995, which was his breakthrough role in the acting industry. While taping for the soap opera, Consuelos fell in love with his co-star Kelly Ripa. In 1996, they secretly tied the knot without other people knowing.

After Consuelos left the show, he still has a career in the entertainment industry. He got roles for several films such as The Great Raid, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and Wedding Daze, making him a staple actor for chick flicks. Aside from being an active actor today, Consuelos is both an investor and entrepreneur. Alongside Ripa, Consuelos shelled out $45 million worth of investment money for real estate properties. They remain to be property owners of mansions in New York City, Hamptons, and Colorado.

James Earl Jones | First Movie: Dr. Strangelove

James Earl Jones is said to be one of the best actors of all time. As someone who is multi-talented, Jones has proved that he can excel from being an actor for theater, TV shows, and movies to being a producer and director. Jones first made his screen debut with Dr. Strangelove, a Stanley Kubrick film. Before becoming a movie actor, Jones has already made a name as a theatre actor. He has showcased impressive performances for several Shakespeare plays like King Lear, Hamlet, and Othello.

One of his iconic roles was as a voice actor of Star Wars Darth Vader. Jones accepted the offer back in 1977, thinking his measly salary would pay his rent and electricity bills at that time. However, this was a start of a salary issue when Star Wars became the 3rd top-grossing film of all time and has amassed multi-millions for its movies, leaving Jones with tens of millions lost. He reprised his role in the 2016 prequel Rogue One, Ling King, and Coming 2 America. At present, Jones is still an active actor.

Kathleen Turner | First TV Show: The Doctors

Kathleen Turner is one of the best actresses of the late 1970s. She had her debut on TV with NBC’s daytime soap opera, The Doctors. She then bagged an acting credit for Body Heat, her first movie, which presented challenging acting for her as it was a thriller film. The actress has a great sense of versatility in acting that she was named as a star until the 1990s.

Since the early 2000s, Turner has been a vocal advocate of rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that survived for decades. Despite her health condition, Turner remained in Hollywood as a sought-after actress not only for TV but in stage plays as well. The Oscar-nominated actress has done a couple of theatre roles in recent years until she made a comeback for HBO Watergate Limited Series The White House Plumbers in 2021.

Ricky Martin | First Music Group: Menudo

Who wouldn’t know Ricky Martin? The booming music, dancer, and entrepreneur first made a name in the piece as a member of the all-boys band Menudo at 12. After five years, Martin moved on to the next chapter of his life as a solo artist. In the 1990s, Martin became a model in introducing Latin music into the international scene. Martin is one of the highest-paid artists of Latino descent, boasting millions of records sold worldwide. Martin is dubbed as the King of Latin Pop and the Latin Music King with his international success.

Martin is undoubtedly a successful music icon. He has earned multi-millions and is savoring all the fortune he has amassed from decades of being in the industry. The singer is an owner of various real estate properties and investments, from mansions in New York and Beverly Hills to massive estates in Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and in his home country Puerto Rico. Martin is happily married to Jwan Yosef in 2016. They have two kids together.

Brittany Snow | First TV Show: Guiding Light

Brittany Snow has kept a pretty good acting credit for years since she started in the business. The 35-year-old star first appeared in Guiding Light, a CBS soap opera, from 1998 to 2011. Snow’s impressive portrayal of her role gave her a Best Actress award from the Young Artist Award, a feat not many can achieve with their debut role. After which, Snow was able to bag more TV series roles, including American Dreams.

In recent years, Snow has been a recurring character for the Pitch Perfect movies since 2012. She also appeared in Hairspray as the daughter of Michelle Pfeiffer role. Although she may not achieve a certain level of superstar status, one can surmise that Snow has maintained an excellent and stable career out of acting that she can afford to have investments on the side. Snow is an owner of various real estate properties, including a home in Studio City, California, and a massive condo unit in Los Angeles.

Lindsay Lohan | First TV Show: Another World

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most famous child stars born in Hollywood. At such an early age, she has been earning a lot as a model and an actress. She was a Ford Model and has appeared in various commercials before she entered the world of acting with a role in Another World. Her acting caught the interest of many, leaving her with offers here and there as a formidable star.

In 2004 during her teenage years, Lohan had her breakthrough role for the hit chick flick Mean Girls. Since then, she began her career as a movie star and a Disney talent. She released her albums alongside other stars Hilary Duff and Raven Symone. However, her stardom began to face controversies in the following years. She was involved in numerous scandals and ugly relationship issues that dragged her name. While she still savored her popularity and multimillions, which can give her long-term investment money, Lohan could not control all controversies surrounding her. Since 2010, Lohan had a pretty lowkey life. She is now living in Dubai for six years but still makes music on the side. She also opened a jewelry business with Lily Baker and has accepted judging roles for a talent show in Australia.

Ray Liotta | First TV Show: Another World

Ray Liotta is an actor and producer who had a breakthrough role in the 1990 hit movie Goodfellas as Henry Hill. Before becoming a renowned actor, Liotta worked his way to college and applied for a job as a bartender to make ends meet. While being a bartender somehow gave him money to pay bills and money loans in New York City, he tried to act after meeting an agent. Liotta then bagged a role for Another World, one of his early shows. Liotta accepted more minor roles as he gained experience in the acting industry before landing his first significant portrayal for Something Wild in 1986. Since then, Liotta’s fame went high-flying.

Liotta is still an active actor at age 66. While he continues having acting projects on the side, Liotta has been busy on life with fiancé Jacy Nittolo whom he has been engaged to since 2020. Liotta has a 22-year-old child with ex-wife Michelle Grace. They legally separated in 2004.

Judith Light | First Theatre Performance: A Doll House

Judith Light is one of the best stage drama actresses in the 1970s. Her debut performance was A Doll House which was shown in 1975. A year after, she made another appearance on Broadway with Herzl. For a theatre actress like Light, she never wanted to enter acting for TV series. She initially rejected a role for ABC’s soap opera One Life to Live. However, Light eventually gave in upon learning her daily salary of $350, a whopping amount back then. She may have thought that this salary will pay her electricity and rent bills and serve as an opportunity for her to save a fortune.

As Light cemented her name in the industry, she took the opportunity to take part in various activism. She is an advocate of equal rights and the LGBT community. She is also an active advocate of HIV/AIDS awareness. At 72, Light lives happily with her husband and actor. Robert Desiderio. She is also a fond practitioner of Kundalini yoga.

Anne Heche | First TV Show: Murphy Brown

Anne Heche is a 1990s star who is well-loved for her impressive acting portrayals and had her first appearance on TV with an episode in Murphy Brown. The event followed a brief appearance in the Hallmark Hall of Fame in 1992. For a couple of years, she only got minor roles to settle on while proving her worth in the acting department. Heche did not back down despite the competition of talents in Hollywood. The actress finally got her breakthrough in If These Walls Could Talk, a made-for-TV anthology by HBO in 1996. Aside from acting, Heche captured many hearts with her innate good personality and beauty. She was featured in the Most Attractive People in the World in 1998 by People magazine. It was also a time when she gained more attention when she started dating comedienne Ellen DeGeneres.

However, Heche’s career went downhill at the onset of the 2000s. After an incident in Cantua Creek, California, Heche revealed having a mental health condition. She has to enter a medical facility to take care of her condition. Her years of savings and medical insurance may have given her enough amount for her medication expenses. Today, she has successfully managed her condition with the help of her family.

Melissa Leo | First Soap Opera: All My Children

Melissa Leo is an award-winning stage play performer and actress. She took up a degree in theatre at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts but could not finish it. Instead, she chased her dreams in New York City, where she eventually landed a few acting roles. Leo made her debut in the soap opera All My Children. Her first appearance as an actress gave her the Outstanding Ingenue/Woman in a Drama Series by the 12th Daytime Emmy Awards. Since she started and until now, Leo has worked on over a hundred film and TV shows, making her one of the stable names in the acting world.

Today, Leo is still an active actress. Even at the age of 60, Leo still has the energy to act and be at par with modern actors and actresses today who look up to her excellent acting chops. One of Leo’s latest movies is The Equalizer 2.

Christian Slater | First Movie: The Legend of Billie Jean

Christian Slater is one of the stars who gunned for fame in the 1980s and 1990s and made his debut with the movie The Legend of Billie Jean with a lead role. It caught the attention of talent managers. He then clinched more positions that would make his career high-flying for decades. His breakthrough role was in the satire movie Heathers where he played Jason “J.D.” Dean.

Slater could not avoid allegations involving his dependency on substances and other cases affecting his past relationships during his stardom. He had to seek help from his lawyers throughout these various ordeals. Good thing Slater was still able to maintain his career. His acting talent is undeniable that he could still bag major roles even after all the controversies. In recent years, Slater starred in the highly-acclaimed series Mr. Robot. He was also included in the 2019 miniseries anthology, Dirty John. Until now, Slater is an active actor on TV and in the cinema.

Lori Loughlin | First TV Show: The Edge of Night

Lori Loughlin is a multi-talented actress and producer known during the 1980s. Even before she became an actress, Loughlin has been making a name in the world of modeling at age 11. By 15, Loughlin bagged her first TV show project with The Edge of Night. She played Jody Travis, an aspiring dancer. Loughlin played the role for six years until 1988. However, what seemed to be the actress’s breakthrough role was Rebecca Donaldson in the hit ABC sitcom Full House. She became a celebrity as one of the essential characters in the show, which further cemented her career in the industry. She had multiple projects from the 1990s until the 2000s.

Today, Loughlin is moving on from the controversy that involved her name and her husband Mossimo Giannulli regarding illegal college admission of the children. The scenario exposed itself to the public through the Netflix documentary Operation Varsity Blues. Their names received scorn from other wealthy parents who allegedly tried to buy their kid’s college admission through fame and fortune. Loughlin had to seek consultation from her lawyers for the allegations that were thrown at her.

Kristin Davis | First Movie: Doom Asylum

Born in Boulder, Colorado, back in February 1965, Kristin Landen Davis is widely famous for portraying Mr. Goldenblatt in the romantic comedy series Sex And The City, which aired from 1998 to 2004. Moreover, she graduated with colors from Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts and got her Bachelor in Fine Arts. Furthermore, Davis acquired a degree in 1987 when she focused on her career; she had her film debut for the same year comedy-slasher movie Doom Asylum.

It was 1995 when her big break finally came. She got cast as Brooke Armstrong Campbell on the nighttime soap opera Melrose Place. Right now, she is still an in-demand actress. One of her recent works included the Netflix romantic comedy-drama movie Holiday In The Wild, in which she starred and produced in the film. For the 2021 thriller movie, Deadly Illusions Kristin is also playing the lead, and she also made the film.

Marcia Cross | First Television Series: The Edge Of Night

Maria Cross is widely recognized for her roles on the primetime soap operas, including Desperate Housewives from 2004 and 2012. Before that, one of her biggest breaks included Melrose Place, which aired from 1992 to 1997, where she played the role of Kimberly Shaw. She has received several accolades, including three Golden Globe Awards and five Screen Actors Guild Awards. However, the start of her television career was during the ’80s. Her first television series was the soap opera called The Edge Of Night, portraying the recurring role of Liz Correll.

You just know that Marcia was destined to be in the entertainment industry as she even earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting at the Juilliard School. Since 2018, however, she has been focusing more on philanthropic work. Moreover, she has been happily married to Tom Mahoney since 2006, sharing two kids together, Savannah and Eden Mahoney.

Lacey Chabert | First Movie: Lost In Space

American actress Lacey Nicole Chambert made her big film debut in 1998 when she played the role of Penny Robinson in the thriller movie. However, it was back when the actress was ten years old and got the role of Erica Kane’s daughter on the hit soap opera All My Children, that she really made a difference in her acting career. This amazing actress, who was once a child star, gained prominence after scoring the role of Claudia Salinger in the television series Party Of Five, which aired from 1994 to 2000.

Not a lot of people know this, but apart from being an awesome on-screen star, she is also a stage actress. In fact, from 1992 to 1993, she starred as the young Cosette of Le Misérables, which was a Broadway production. One of her latest works includes a 2018 Hallmark movie, premiering as part of the Valentine’s Day Countdown. As of 2021, her net worth is a whopping $4 million, giving credit to her successful career as an actress.

Melissa Fumero | First Movie: Tiny Dancer

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Amy Santiago was played by the charming and lovable actress, Melissa Fumero. She was the love interest of Andy Samberg in the hit television series. However, she is not just rocking it on-screen, Melissa is finally stepping in behind the scenes. In 2019, she finally made her directorial debut for Return Of The King, a season 6 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She may have gained prominence from the show, but her first movie appearance as the lead was for a 2009 independent movie called Tiny Dancer.

Melissa may have been born in New Jersey, but she moved to New York for college. Like her character, Amy Santiago, Melissa is incredibly smart. In fact, she got her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drama from the New York University, which is one of the most prestigious schools in America.

Kyra Sedgwick | First Movie: Heart And Souls

Award-winning actress Kyra Minturn Sedgwick has received several accolades throughout her career, including an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2009. This was all because she has been active in the entertainment industry since 1982 and appeared in several films, including her amazing performance in the 1995 movie Something To Talk About. She also appeared in Disney’s The Game Plan alongside Dwayne Johnson. One of her recent projects includes the ABC comedy entitled Call Your Mother in 2020.

This New York-born Hollywood A-lister was just destined to be in the film and television industry. After all, she graduated with a degree in theater from the University of Southern California. Not only does she have a successful career as an actress, but she also got extremely lucky in love. She has been married to fellow actor Kevin Bacon since September 4, 1988. This lovely couple shares two children, Sosie Ruth and Travis Bacon.

Tommy Lee Jones | First Movie: The Weepy Love Story

American superstar Tommy Lee Jones is one of Hollywood’s best actors. He has received several awards for his versatility in acting throughout his long career in the Hollywood industry. After being nominated four times for an Academy Award, he finally won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the 1993 thriller movie The Fugitive. His notable roles include critically acclaimed films, such as The Amazing Howards Hughes and the Executioner’s Song.

This brilliant actor is truly amazing as he even acquired his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and graduated cum laude. After all, he is not just a talented actor, he is also extremely smart. It must feel great to work with one of the greatest actors in the industry. Moreover, this 74-year-old superstar is also a film director. One of his recent works includes the 2020 film, The Comeback Trail.

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